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Home Buyers Want
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Sell Quicker with
Fiber Speeds Built in
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Rural Internet.
Fiber Speeds

Spry Air Fiber Provides
Home Internet Directly
to Residences

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Offer Buyers a Rural Lot WITH Fiber Speed Internet

Have you ever wished you could market your rural development properties to include true fiber internet speeds as part of the appeal to buying your lots?

Well, now you can; Spry Air Fiber Internet brings your rural residential development city-like internet speeds. 


More Valuable? $$$

Would the value of each lot be increased if you could advertise 200Mbps, 500Mbps, or even Gigabit Internet service as a built-in utility like water and electricity that is available for connection from the day the purchaser moves in?  

One recent study found that rural properties with access to fast internet sold faster and for between 3% and 10% more than developments without this necessary service.    

How Fast is SpryFi Internet?

So, how fast is Spry Air Fiber compared to other Internet providers, it’s easy to compare.   Below are the rural speeds available for several popular providers.  


Why Work With Us?

Spry Air Fiber Internet has been providing true broadband to rural areas since 2011.    We specialize in bringing developments outside big fiber providers’ footprints the same experience.    Check out our Google Reviews!

Give us a call today or email us.  Getting started is easy!

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Multi-Gig Fiber Optics

Spry Air Fiber has designed and built a cutting-edge fiber-optic based network that delivers a high speed, line of sight Air Fiber internet connection to your location via carrier-class fixed wireless equipment.

Air Fiber Technology

It’s the fastest fixed wireless internet available. Our next-generation network uses Air Fiber technology to provide speeds greater than 10x faster than DSL.

Spry Wireless: Speeds


Unlike our competitors, we offer reliable speeds regardless of the time of day or how busy our network is.


All customer radios get automated 24/7 connection and performance monitoring. We store that data for three months, so you can access it at any time.


It’s No Accident. We Work Hard to Be the Best.

At Spry Wireless, we use well-placed towers, mobile towers, and FCC-licensed microwave links to ensure you get fast, dependable service wherever your next development is located!

Our network of interconnected distribution towers also provides better internet coverage, keeping your speeds consistent. Should one of our new multi-gigabit fiber-optic feeds fail, your internet is quickly rerouted from another one of our sites. We utilize nothing but the best equipment and materials to provide you with great, timely service and a reliable connection to support all of your home and business needs.

White-Glove Treatment From Our Skilled, Trained, Background-Checked Team

Our experienced technicians strive to provide helpful, high-quality service from the time you call until after the installation is complete. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need a hand. You can trust that our team is available and ready to assist with all of your internet needs and concerns.

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