Providing Reliable Internet for Homes, Businesses, and Enterprise Customers

What We Offer

Spry Wireless is all about getting you the internet you need–wherever you are. Here are our services:

Residential Internet

Need fast internet speeds to keep up with streaming on multiple devices? Our residential packages include speeds anywhere from 20 Mbps to 150 Mbps*, and you don’t have to sign a contract.

Business Internet

Whether you need a dependable internet connection for your home office or place of business, we can help. Our business internet speeds go up to 200 Mbps, giving you peace of mind that your internet will be up to par with your busy work schedule.

Enterprise Solutions

Our custom enterprise solutions help you get bandwidth to any location. Whether you or your client needs 50 Mbps or 2 Gigs, Spry Air Fiber can work with you to deliver to your location wherever it might be. We specialize in reaching hard-to-access areas or locations where no fiber or backup fiber is available. Get contracted broadband where you need it–and however much you need. Spry Wireless is committed to giving you the custom service you’ve been looking for.

Spry Wireless: Office staff using the computer for work.

Unsure Which Service Is Right for You?

Reach out to our expert team today. We’re here to help.

*Note: Not all service-level speeds are available in all areas.

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