Anna Stratton

Amazing internet, Paul came out with his crew and did an amazing job. The entire crew was very friendly and professional. 2 were in training but were still very knowledgeable. All the wires are nicely tucked away and tied down properly. They came fully prepared with a small crane to set up the radio internet. The radio internet works perfectly! We have about 20 electronics connected and haven’t had any issues!!! I highly recommend Spry internet especially if you live in a rural area!

Chris Friewald

Paul runs a great small business. He worked with us to get set up and then over a 6 month period made return service calls to try different solutions to get us to the service we need. We have incredible speed and excellent reliability. If you are outside the zone for cheap access to Spectrum you’d be smart to check out Spry Wireless.

Carol Schneeberger

These folks are simply the best especially if you are rural. For once I found a company that delivers exactly what they promised. With the exception of about 15 minutes I did not lose connection during all of the awful ice and snow storms here in Texas. The 15 minutes I think they actually lost power themselves and I’m not sure what magic wand they waved but they had the service right back on. I have not been throttled at all. Spry is the real deal period.

Paige Brady

After struggling for years with slow internet from satellite and line-of-sight providers and getting only 2 to 3 mbps, we tried Spry who activated a tower in Wimberley recently. We are getting speeds from 40 to 80 mbps now. Download and Upload. So very, very happy. And the cost is reasonable and there are no contracts. We are elated!

Darrin Richter

Living out where there are very little choices for service these guys are the BEST around. They all worked together to make sure we had the best signal and took their time to make sure everything went smoothly. I can’t say enough great things about them and their customer service. We have never been able to have the type of signal (GREAT) we have with Spry Wireless. Thanks to Paul and crew for all they did out in the heat!

Daniel Garza

My experience with spry has been hands down the best! Since the very beginning when I first called to inquire about service, they’ve done nothing but assist and reassure me that they would cover us. When it came time, they definitely delivered! If you’re looking for service in the country that the big companies don’t cover, call these guys.

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